..all about her preps to become a bride…

Alhamdulillah June 13, 2010

Filed under: My Engagement — nurathiah84 @ 10:01 AM
To all of you yang menantikan update from me, here it is:

Semuanya berjalan dengan lancar.
Thanks to each and everyone of u yang doakan i, for the wishes, for ur words yang tenangkan i, for all the comments from semua, for all emails yang i tak sempat nak reply lagi – i do read semua email yang diterima sebelum hari majlis, tapi apakan daya, i tak sempat nak reply. Thank you! You know who u are. *wink*
To my lovely mom, thank you mama!
To my dad, thank you bapak! – sebak tengok anak dia dah nak jadi tunang orang! Haha.
To my brothers, thank you jadi tulang belakang majlis.
To my aunties, my cousins, my friends, and all yang terlibat, thank you semua!
They were awesome!
p/s: nak update ape dulu pon tak tau. =p

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