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Cookies.Cookies. May 24, 2010

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Remember this post? Ya, it’s about fancy cookies. Nak tengok tak hasil air tangan Kak Ayu for my cookies? Tihihi. tak sabar nak share with you all, sebab sangat teruja tengok cookies comel-lote dari Kak Ayu’s kitchen. Tihihi. Dalam hati, “Oh my, i must post this, i must make a special entry for Kak Ayu“. Hehee. She such a nice person. Kak Ayu buat homework googling the design that will match your theme. How lucky, I am. Sebab I seorang yang pemalas nak provide her with the design. Ketuk I, ketuk I. Jangan tiru I yer, sila buat homework ya ladies! =)
Definitely, recommended! Very, very recommended!
Tak renyah la nak deal dengan Kak Ayu
Cookies that make me uuuu,, aaaaa,, wow!, wallla!! :

Cookies 1

Cookies 2

Cookies 3

Cookies 4
Alolooo.. comellnyer.. Pricing? Email her for more details ya! Tihihi.
Kak Ayu introduce a lolly cookies la.. Cute! Better than lollipop for the kids, kan? Sebab lollipop nanti buat gigi rosak. Hohoho. The exact size, i’m sorry, i don’t know. Contact Kak Ayu for more details ya!

Suitable for candy buffet juge. Hehe. I might consider lolly cookies on my wedding! =)
All pictures were taken from: CupcakesChek

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