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Fancy cookies May 14, 2010

Filed under: engagement,hantaran — nurathiah84 @ 2:02 PM
I heart cookies bouquet. Perfect for hantaran. Kan? Because I dah fall in love, terus dalam hantaran list from me-to-him, i include decorated cookies. Hehe. Then, i email for quotation. Unfortunately, the price quote dah out of my budget. If u have certain budget, go for this! Comelll! hehe. Can place your order from here: Cookiss

Source: Cookiss
Then, sesi jalan-jalan tanya quotation sebab still i nak fancy cookies ni to be included as one of the hantaran. So, I plan to order loose cookies and pack something like this:

Source: Cookiss
Dan dah berjumpa dengan yang berkenan di hati. Cookies with fondant normally harga varies from RM2.50 to RM3.50 per pc. But, with Kak Ayu from CupcakesChek, i rasa murah jugak la. RM1.50 per pc untuk fondant deco. Kalau cookies biasa, cuma RM0.90. Perfect for doorgift untuk budak-budak kan. So, i da order decorated cookies dengan Kak Ayu. Design boleh pilih sendiri. Woo-hoo. No delivery charges. Woo-hoo! Saya tiada design, cuma beri theme colour sahaja. Malas dah nak cari design yang in untuk fancy cookies. Heh.
Jadi, satu lagi hantaran dah settle. Woo-hoo!

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