..all about her preps to become a bride…

Tq tag February 14, 2010

Filed under: cake,favors,ideas,real wedding — nurathiah84 @ 1:25 PM
Jalan-jalan lawat blog b2b semua.. then, one of b2b ni upload beberapa pictures from Amy‘s wedding. I tertarik dengan idea tq tag Amy. instead of tebuk lubang and ikat reben, amy buat macam ni.. menarik sangat!! shuke shuke.. ehee

Bekas favor pon sungguh comel.. =)

Owh, wow! Her wedding cake. Comeyyy!!

Pictures were taken from Simfoni Kehidupan Ku .*credit*

For more pictures, boleh view from her blog, Simfoni Kehidupan Ku.

p/s: dear, i cakap i nak curik satu je pic, tapi i curik dua. hehe. boleh eyh boleh eyh.. ngee. lawa la wedding cake amy.. hee

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