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Armani or CK? January 17, 2010

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Busy, busy, busy. With new semester has started, with limited internet connection, assignments, nah, my blog pon has been neglected. Kesian kesian kesian. Time do fly fast! Erggh.

Quick update. Yesterday, went to the curve. survey for perfume. So, its either Armani or CK. Kami rancang mahu beli same brand, dan dari koleksi yang sama juga. Jadi, mesti consider 2-2 bau, baik for men and baik juga for women. Ada yang baik for women, tapi for men tak best. and vice versa. So strike them off from the list!

I terpikat pada botol armani frangrances yang satu ini. Bau pon best. CK, botolnyer simple aje, tak menarik sangat, tapi sangat terpikat dengan baunya. Owh, pening-pening. Tak tau nak pilih yang mana. Consider budget pulak lepas ini la kot,eyh?

Dapat tips dari SA. Best month to buy frangrance is on Febuary and December. Why? Basically because of Valentine’s and Christmas offer. Jadi, kami tunggu sehingga Valentine’s offer la nanti. This SA jugak bagi tips on how to cut-cost. Katanya, beli perfume yang same brand, one for him, and one for her, then asked SA to wrap seperately. Slalunye, they can provide you free samples, and free gift item such as shower gel ke, miniature ke… untuk nampak banyak la. Jadi, ringan-ringan kan la mulut untuk mintak banyak-banyak free gift. hehe.

I pon tak tahu either this is one of their strategy or what? Huhu. Tapi, semalam i do compare the price, kalau beli perfume set, one for him and one for him, boleh cecah 6-7ratus untuk 2 set. Kalau beli perfume sahaja and asked for a free gift, around 500 sahaja untuk 2 botol perfume. Kena cari SA yang best la mcm ni. Sila buat muka kesian dan cari SA melayu. =) Mereka faham yang nak kawen belanja besar. HikHik.


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