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Mini Cakes : RM5 December 10, 2009

Filed under: cake,favors,ideas — nurathiah84 @ 4:53 AM

Ramai yang nak tau mane I jumpa mini cake serendah RM5. So this entry i nak share with u darls, pasal mini cake RM5 tu.. hihi

1) Eizureen Cupcakes

Image credit to Eizureen Cupcakes
Price: From RM5 to RM10

2) Seafrost Cupcakes

Image credit to Seafrost Cupcakes

Here goes the price list:

  • With buttercream frosting = RM5 each (minimum order 10 mini cakes)
  • With buttercream frosting topped with fondant deco = RM8 – RM10 each (minimum order 5 mini cakes)
  • With fondant frosting and deco = RM10 – RM15 (minimum order 5 mini cakes)

So far, ni je yang I jumpe mini cakes start from RM5. If anyone of you jumpe other website, do share here. =)


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