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Wedding Monograms November 15, 2009

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Thanks to google who managed to provide me with these designs which suitable for favors tag or thank you tag . Banyak sangat design to choose from over the net. Some of them are from here. Sudah jumpa yang berkenan, then need to do some editting on colors and font to fit our wedding theme and the wording jugak kena cari yang sesuai dengan jiwa. Eyh, i believe, the card maker can customize the design according to our needs. Hee. Here i provide some of the designs :

Dalam banyak-banyak ni ada jugak yang terbekenan di hati. Hee. Kena mahirkan diri dengan Photoshop lepas ni. Nak crop sana crop sini, tukar color dan bagai lagi. Hee. And guess what, I found this:

Wee.. Little Flower Pot and Gifts ada buat promotion untuk bulan November ni. 3sen i rasa affordable da tuh. Kalau tempah 100pcs, baru RM3, kalau 1000pcs, baru RM30. Tapi taktaula if ada cost lain2 plak eyh. And they claim that they have loadsss of design to choose. Tengokla design dekat advert die ni, comelnyer. I bet, mesti ada lagi yang cun-cun. Cepat place your order, before November gone. Hiks!

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