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Gift November 14, 2009

Filed under: hantaran,merisik — nurathiah84 @ 6:18 AM

Its been a month since my last entry. Been busy with school stuffs. HikHik. BTW, today I want to update things that I might give to his side for majlis merisik. There will be 3 items from me to him. Most of the items would be foods.. Hehe

1) Chocolate cake

Tempting isn’t it? Hehe. Strawberries on top really drive me crazy to go for this moist choc cake with fresh strawberries. I’ve checked the price and it only cost me RM60 for 2kg. Okla, within my budget. Hihi. If you’d prefer this too, then place your order from Kak Nani.

2) Cookies/ Tart

Ahh, this lovely cookies comes with pastry basket. Cute kan? There are lots of other design to choose from. But, I myself dah jatuh chenta dengan yang ini. Owh, its from Kak Nani jugak. Price range from RM40-88. Contact her for more info.

3) Fruits/ Tarts

The last item would be fruits or tarts. And I’m still on searching. Maybe tempah tarts and letak dalam pastry basket yang dibuat oleh Kak Nani juga. We’ll see how nanti.


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